Laser Fx FAQ

1. Which laser Fx serum is right for me?
Each laser Fx serum targets a specific concern, whether it’s dark spots, wrinkles or sagging skin. Pick your target.

2. I have concerns with wrinkles and sagginess. Which laser Fx serum should I use?
Dr. Brandt recommends the laser Fx lift serum. You can also incorporate Dr. Brandt’s DNA transforming pearl serum and DNA time reversing cream to correct lines and wrinkles.

3. Can I layer other dr. brandt skincare products?
Yes. When layering products Dr. Brandt recommends to start with the lightest weight (serums, gels) then middle weight (lotions) then heavier (creams) followed by SPF and makeup.
Generally, wait at least a minute or two between applications to ensure that your skin has had enough time to absorb all of the previous product before moving on to the next for best results.

4. What is the difference between dr. brandt’s other serums and laser Fx?
Each laser Fx serum is ultra-targeted to correct specific problems. The combination of Dual Layer capsules with peptides allows the product to target cells & deliver the exact active load intact to the core of the cell. Each active is specifically programmed to heal by providing the exact dose to get rid of the specific problems: dark spots or wrinkles or sagginess.

5. Can I use more than one Laser Fx serum in my skincare regimen?
Absolutely! In fact, Dr. Brandt encourages you to create your own serum cocktail that specifically targets all of your skincare concerns.

6. What does smart dual encapsulation mean?
A smart dual encapsulation that targets & delivers the preserved active ingredients to the core of the cell.

It is a new advanced delivery system that utilizes 2 capsules; a capsule within a capsule, to target and deliver active ingredients to correct the specific skin concern.

The outer "shuttle" layer targets and infiltrates a specific area of the skin (cells). Then, the inner "protection" layer, which contains the active ingredients, fresh and in the exact dose, releases them into the specific area needed. Very targeted, better penetration and better results.

7. Do the laser serums contain Hyaluronic Acid?
Only one, laser Fx bright serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to plump the skin’s texture and make it smooth for more uniform, even tone.

8. How often should I use Laser Fx serum?
Laser Fx serums can be applied AM and/or PM, on clean skin before your moisturizer or sunscreen.

9. If my concern is sagging skin, which serum should I use?
For sagging skin you should use laser Fx lift serum to tighten, firm and lift correcting, sagging skin.

10. Which laser Fx serum helps to get rid of freckles and dark spots?
If your concern is uneven skin tone and dark spots, you should use laser Fx bright serum. We do not claim getting rid of freckles; however the serum will help to even and brighten for a more uniform skin tone.

11. How do I incorporate the new laser Fx serum into my regimen?
Depending on your specific concern, use the appropriate serum to target and correct. Use on clean skin am and pm followed by your moisturizer.

12. What is the difference between DNA transforming pearl serum and Laser Fx serums?
The laser Fx serum are targeted serums to correct specific concerns.

DNA serum is a universal serum that fuels cells with energy so they perform better to provide smooth texture and defined contour. DNA serum also protects cells so they replicate better, and therefore skin acts and looks younger.

For the best anti-aging results use the DNA serum along with the appropriate laser Fx serum to correct your specific concern. Use one in the am and the other in the pm.

13. What are peptides?
Peptides function as "messengers" and in skincare they have cell communicating abilities. The peptides in the laser Fx serums act as receptor allowing to selectively bind to specific cells. Each serum has a specific peptide on the surface of the shuttle layer capsule to selectively target the specific cells to be correct. Each protection layer capsules has specific active ingredients that will affect and correct the specific cell targeted- very SMART - similar to how laser beams target specific cells to correct a specific skin problem. The laser Fx serums mimic laser procedures, Lasers in a Bottle to use at home!